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Thanks to modern dentistry, it is now possible to overcome many issues related to the teeth. One such issue is missing teeth. There can be several reasons for missing teeth. Dentists are often inclined to remove teeth that are damaged beyond recovery or you may lose teeth due to an accident. Missing teeth mean that the crown, which is the visible part of the teeth, as well as the root, is gone.

How are Missing Teeth Treated?

Missing teeth are replaced using dental implants.  A dental implant is placed in the jaw bone. The dental implant integrates with the natural bone in order create a strong and sturdy foundation for the replacement. Implants are not only used for single tooth replacement but for an implant supported bridge or denture that contains multiple teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

There are three main parts of an entire dental implant:

Part 1 – Dental Implant

A dental implant is a cylindrical or tapered post usually made from titanium. The titanium is supposed to be a replacement for the root of a tooth.

Part 2 – Abutment

This is a connector. It is either placed on the top part of the dental implant or built into it. It is used to connect the implants to the replacement teeth.

Part 3 – Crown

The crown is the replacement tooth. It is prepared to match your natural teeth. Therefore, it easily fits in with the rest of the teeth without disrupting the natural appearance.

Do You Require Dental Implants?

Dental implants are generally suitable for people over the age of 18. They are a good choice for people who have suffered a loss of teeth due to any reason. You can get dental implants even if you have multiple teeth missing. Teeth can become damaged due to disease or decay. In some cases, it is possible to treat the teeth and return them to healthy condition through other dental procedures. However, if the teeth are too damaged, the dentist will have no other option but to remove it. This is necessary for oral health and to save the surrounding teeth from damage. For restoring the natural look of your denture, dental implants are preferable. They may also be feasible for adolescents after the puberty when the jaw stops growing.

To ensure that a dental implant is a right option for you, it is better to consult a dentist. The dentist can carefully evaluate your situation and medical history to give you the right advice.

How do Dental Implants work?

The dental implant will be first situated into your jaw bone. Next, you will be given time to heal. During this process, the implant will become fused with the bone and a sturdy foundation will be formed. Later, a connector will be attached to the upper part of the implant and the replacement tooth will be connected.

At Neo Dentistry, you will be given appropriate consultation about dental implants. Our expert dentists will help you understand the process and complete it in a comfortable environment. The procedure is available at affordable rates. Call NEO Dentistry at (512) 722-6131 for an appointment.


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